Interlocked Excerpts — One


Excerpts from the novelette (Novel In A Nutshell):
   by Barbara Anne Helberg

CHAPTER A excerpt —

Just like she had had to kill Craig, Mira wrote…

She had to. It would be all right now. It had been before.

It would be easy because Lawrence never would expect it…

He thought she was in love with him, too. Like Craig. She was not. She hated him now.


CHAPTER B excerpt —

Jimy, they called Lawrence Higgins.

Lawrence closely resembled the famous author Jimy Lafayette… the works of the master creator of written horrors were Lawrence’s favorites at an early age…

After a time, they began to call Lawrence Higgins “Jimy L.” It was shorter and more to the point… Lawrence and Lafayette…

Unfortunately, Lawrence’s fascination with Jimy Lafayette took on the trappings of fanaticism…

But this was five decades before he met Mira. Fifty years of obsession would not be put off lightly. Truthfully, Jim L. did not want — never had wanted — to put off the obsession. He had, in fact, searched for a Mira — like Lafayette’s fictitious Annabelle — all his life



+++ Credit:
Story excerpts and Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg