Coffee Cup Series C

A Recipe:


My coffee cup gift from my one and only very devoted granddaughter!

I like to experiment with my coffee mixes and recipes, other than adding the needed cream and sugar, of course! And, naturally, I always drink caffeinated. After all, what is the point to drinking non-caffeinated coffee? Maybe health nuts would disagree that there isn’t one.

The coffee recipe I share, here, resulted when I tried a little mint flavor to go with cinnamon. Sprinkling cinnamon on top of my readied cream and sugar was recommended to me long ago by… well, never mind that part !

Because I have a breathing disorder, I many times pop a peppermint onto my tongue and breath in its throat-opening fumes as I go about my business. It gives off a wonderful fresh air appeal.

One morning, I plopped a peppermint into my already prepared coffee cup. Why not? I later discovered a red peppermint allows a little different flavor to the coffee than a green peppermint offers. A mint melts away quickly in the first pour of water from a steaming tea kettle.

I added the cinnamon sprinkle, as well. Voila! A nice little boost to my morning ensued!

And, as a little bonus, coffee breath is remarkably reduced after the drink is consumed. Enjoy!


*** Credit:
Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Coffee Cup Series A


A sense of humor, of course, became a family thing because of my Dad’s marvelous way of putting a light-hearted take on serious situations.

Our family get-togethers were ripe with humor and hearty laughter, and several of my five brothers were especially adept at telling stories and jokes.

This pictured coffee cup was a birthday gift from my son and his wife, who actually picked it out just for me. They understand that writing is my way of life!


*** Credit:
Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg